Thursday, 15 September 2011

One man's carelessness is another man's tragedy


A 11yr old boy was mercilessly knocked while crossing the road to school, by a careless driver earlier this week. The child was so fatally wounded that he died on the scene. Witnesses claim that the driver was speeding and on her cell phone. A fatal combination and a merciless tragedy.

The pain that the parents feel at the loss of losing a child will never go away with time. The pain will always be there. The image of the child's wounded body will be imprinted permanently in their minds. The scene of the accident will always make them relive what happened.

Drivers, please be more cautious on the roads. Please keep off the cell phone and monitor your speed especially in residential areas where children are always around.
Because one careless action can prove fatal to someone else. And a life lost can never be brought back.

Please remember this family in your prayers.

Was salaam

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