Sunday, 17 June 2012

Salaat e Tasbeeh

This namaaz is offered in four rakat at a time and can be read in any part of the day and night, keeping in mind the forbidden times for reading Nafil namaaz. The reader of this namaaz is credited with innumerable blessings and benefits, reewards and forgiveness. The Prophet (SAWS), while teaching this namaaz to his uncle Hzrat Abbas (RA) has said, "If it possible then read it every day; if not, then every week; once in every month; once in every year; if it is still not possible, DO READ IT ONCE in a life time.
The Tasbih to be read:
Subhaanallahi walhamdulillahi walaa-ilaha illallaahu wallahu-akbar

  1. In the first rakaat, after reading "Subhaanaka allahumma..", "aoozubillah...", "bismillah...", read the above tasbih 15 times.
  2. Then read sura Fateha and a sura.
  3. Read above tasbih 10 times.
  4. Go to ruku and say the "Subhaana rabbiyal azeem"
  5. Read the tasbih 10 times in ruku
  6. Read "Samial lahu liman hamidah-Rabbana lakal hamdh" and get up from ruku to qiyam position
  7. Read the tasbih 10 times
  8. Go to sijda and read "Subhaana rabbiyal'ala"
  9. Read tasbih 10 times and sit up
  10. Read tasbih 10 times
  11. Go to sajda again and read "Subhaana rabbiyal'ala"
  12. Read tasbih 10 times.
  13. Get up to begin 2nd rakat
  14. Do rakat #2 in same fashion
  15. Read Attahiyatu and get up for 3rd and 4th rakaat
  16. Read Attahiyatu, Allahumma and finish namaaz.

The second method is similar to the method #1 with the following exceptions:
  1. Read the tasbih 15 times BEFORE Sura Fateha and AGAIN 15 times AFTER you read a second sura.
  2. Then read 10 times in ruku, in standing in qiyam, in sajda, between sajda, in second sajda
  3. Before standing up for the second rakat, stay seated. Say "Allahu" out loud.
  4. Stand up for second rakat by saying "Allahu-akbar"
  5. Do the second rakat as defined in steps 1 - 2
  6. Before reciting Attahiyatu, read tasbih 10 times
  7. Read Attahiyatu and get up for third rakat
  8. Do third and fourth rakat as defined above.
  9. Before reading last Attahiyatu, read tasbih 10 times.
  10. Read Attahiyatu, Allahumma and finish namaz.

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