Thursday, 5 January 2012

Milad Raza Qadri

Milad Raza Qadri is an extremely talented and increasingly popular young Sufi inspired Nasheed artist who has captured the love and passion for the noble Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in his artistic and melodious expression in a way where he is able to connect to people of all backgrounds and ages. He performed his first Na...sheed with a live audience when he was just four years old and has since committed himself to his faith and passion for Islam. Closely affiliated and strongly encouraged by Shaykh-Ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir Ul Qadri, he pursued his talent and is now one of the most globally popular artists of our time. Milad has travelled extensively, despite his young age and has recently undertaken performance visits to USA, Pakistan, Italy and many other European countries. He has also performed alongside Ashiq-al-Rasul, Hamza Robertson, Zain Bikha and others. He has become increasingly popular amongst his peers and also has built a credible reputation globally. He places an important emphasis on education and is currently studying for a diploma in Multimedia Technology to diversify his knowledge and experience as well as juggling his Nasheed music career alongside. Milad expresses his aim to be able to help the new Muslim and non-Muslim generation to have knowledge and an understanding of the teachings of the noble Prophet (PBUH). He aims to not only provide an alternative to mainstream music but to also lift the veil from hearts, and fill hearts with the love and devotion for the noble Prophet (PBUH).

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