Wednesday, 11 January 2012


An Islamic based academy or finishing school for young Muslimahs between the ages of 16-21 years which aims to inculcate and promote a strong sense of Islamic morals and values and developing young ladies into talented,confident ambassadors of Islam,who are fully equipped in all spheres to face the modern day challenges of the 21st century.
This is an educational ...and empowerment course which provides an holistic approach to learning without the rigidity of an orthodox environment.
Taaleemi subjects include:-
-Tarbiyyah and character building
-Past as well as current history
-Communication and writing skills
-Selection of secular subjects

The other subjects are:-
-Skills training:sewing,baking,cooking,arts and crafts.
-Health,Wellness,Beauty,Sport,Fashion and decor.
-Fitness and self-defence
-Pre-marital counselling
-Personal and emotional empowerment.
(Muslim identity,self-esteem.roles of a Muslimah.peer pressure,sibling rivalry,relationship development etc etc)

This course runs a full week,in Durban,registration is now open,contact Tasnim on 0813594343 for more details

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