Monday, 23 April 2012

Our amazing world of technology by Rookaya Vawda

Cellphones and computers are another amazing development in the race of technological advancement. Cellphones and the internet gives us the security of being able to reach people at anytime, anywhere, almost immediately and having access to a world of information at our fingertips.
Parents buy their children Cellphones, computers, etc for various reasons. It is disturbing that these appliances are being used for purposes other than what they were intended for and are aiding in the process of moral degradation. We are creating a society of socially and emotionally impoverished children. Family outings and playing in the park are pleasures of the past. Don¹t be fooled if your child is in his bedroom with his Cellphone or computer. With the touch of a button they transcend into a world of mixit, chat rooms, pornography the scary world of deception and persuasion.
We as parents have taught our children that our love is measured by what material things we can give to them. We have busied ourselves giving them what we didn¹t have and have forgotten to give them what we had.
If we truly love our children lets collectively decide to take away these harmful Otoys¹ from them, then peer pressure won¹t be an excuse. If this hasn¹t startled you yet, than read on for the health risks of these devices.
Scientific evidence worldwide escalates indicating conclusive proof of the health risk linked to the exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Cellphones are at the forefront of scientific investigation into the effects of radiation on the health of people. Many other appliances such as computers, TVs, microwaves, electrical appliance, cars etc. all emit harmful electromagnetic radiation that is equally as bad. In other words everything electrical emits radiation.
A Cellphone is the only radiation emitting consumer product that people intentionally hold against their heads and bodies. The electromagnetic energy emitted is microwave radiation similar to the type that cooks food in a microwave. Every time you take a call, you are giving yourself a dose of microwave radiation that penetrates the body at the point of contact- our heads. However, many feel that having a hands-free kit solves the problem, without realizing your vital organs get a dose of radiation.
A new study undertaken by Prof. Om Ghandhi from the University of Utah, has found that 10 year olds absorbed 10% more radiation than adults when making a call, and 5 year olds 50% more. Their thin skulls and smaller heads offer less protection, against microwaves sent out by the phones. As a result there is a far greater risk of damage to their brain cells. While the long-term effects of Cellphones use have not been proven, campaigners claim they can cause brain tumours, memory loss, headaches, backache etc.
Radiation expert Roger Coghill of Coghill Research Laboratories UK has been campaigning for health warnings on Cellphones. He exposed human blood to radiation from a Cellphone and conclusively proved that the white blood cells, namely the lymphocytes that constitute our immune system, are destroyed when exposed to radiation. The results were published in the scientific journal 9/3/2000.
Radiation is linked to ailments such as cancer, brain tumours, fatigue, sterility, high blood pressure, headaches, insomnia etc. Pregnant mums are putting their unborn children to great risk by using a Cellphone. If you still believe that the Cellphone is a necessity, then look at what options you have.
There are a number of products available to protect you from electromagnetic radiation, unfortunately the majority of these products are exclusively for Cellphones and do not provide the user with protection against radiation emitted by other appliances like computers, televisions etc.
The Radar is a multipurpose radiation protector that is scientifically tested. Radars are semi- intelligent electromagnetic radiation stabilizers that change and amplify negative electromagnetic radiation into positive energy vibrations. Radar when kept on your person gives one, 100% protection from all forms of electromagnetic radiation. The option of getting rid of the Cellphone will be the best, however if you have to give in to them then protection from EM radiation will be a sensible choice.

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