Monday, 9 April 2012

Princess Nourah University

As-Salāmu `Alaykum, a golden opportunity awaits South African Muslim women who have ambitions to study abroad. One of the very few international universities exclusive to women, Princess Nourah University, has opened their doors to South Af...rican women aged between 17 and 24 to apply for their university scholarship programmes. The programme consists of a two year diploma in the Arabic language institute with Islamic studies. Students also have a chance to enter a Bachelor’s degree course available to foreign students such as a degree in Arabic Language.

Islamic studies remain the main area of concern for foreign nationals in Saudi Arabia. Successful applicants will be housed at no charge at the luxurious student dorms located in the city surrounding the university, which is women-only. Students will be provided with free food and health care, gyms, as well as given a monthly allowance of 800 Saudi Riyals and a round trip ticket home to visit every year for the summer holidays.

According to Qudsia Bint Daoud Saleh Mall from Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, students would learn in a safe Islamic country and women-only environment, as well as mix with local Arab women to polish the Arabic dialect and aquire the authentic Arab tongue. The university is expected to cover 8 million square metres and located on King Khalid International Airport Road at north of Riyadh.

The total built up area is around 3 million square metres. The university will include administration buildings, 13 faculties, a 700-bed student hospital, laboratories, research centres, and residential areas that include accommodation for students and staff. The capacity of university is around 26,000 students. For more details, visit the website link below. VOC (Aqeelah Bawa) > < NB ! the website is in arabic however in the left hand corner click on the E for the english version.

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