Saturday, 14 April 2012

Ummaira her plight

I came into this world very very early @ 24 weeks and weighing a mere 750grams.
I was placed in an incubator for almost 3 months because my body was not fully developed and I was not really ready for this world!

Mom always said that there were so many tubes that covered my body that u could hardly see me!
I had an oxygen box placed over my head so that I could breathe as even my lungs were not fully developed including my heart.
I had a condition called ASD which is a hole in the centre which was causing the clean blood and the dirty blood to mix.
My mom was with me through all these steps including an entire blood transfusion.

I then had to have an eye operation to correct a lazy eye syndrome when I was about a year.
I then had cardiac surgery at the age of 5 to patch up the hole, and that was a success!
There were many challenges as a child to be visually impaired but it didn't stop me from playing with my "normal" friends outside.
I tried main stream school and found it difficult so that was when dr's realized that I was completely blind in my right eye and have 5% sight in my left eye, I was then sent to Arthur Blaxuall School for the blind.

Life was getting tougher because now my retina started to detach and needed surgery so back to the slaughter house I go again!!
Life getting back to normal and bham!!!
My macular starts to degenerate and I had to go back to theatre for reconstructive eye surgery because I was loosing the little sight I had!!
Surgery helped save my sight thanks to Professor Peters and her team.
Its amazing how u grow stronger through all these trials in life!!

My parents got divorced when I was 7 and we had a very hard and rough road to travel and we ie: my brother sameer and sister nadia were there for each other.
I took part in an essay competition for womans day where I competed with 200 main stream students and I had won 6th place for me that was wow!!
I almost fainted when they announced my name! I had won a computer.

I finished matric winning the math award! and was not prepared to sit at home so I applied for a bursary to study a bachelor of social science in psychology.
I'm in my final year now and I see myself once graduated serving my community.

My pending eye surgery will be the cherry on top because by using my own stem cells in this operation means that I would have up to 50% more sight and a whole new world will await me.

People ith visual impairments do not easily find jobs this means I would be in a position to empower myself and others around me as well I would lead a "normal" life and not be a burden to anyone for support.

I would be able to reach and teach many other disabled people like myself on attaining a better life.

Having the stem cell operation will be healing me from the inside out!!

Ummaira Khan  


  1. Follow up stem cell treatment needed again this year in-sha Allah I will get there!.

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