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Body Spin

Body Spin
 June 8th -10th or July 6th -8th
Body Spin is an introduction into energy healing and provides energetic support for a variety of conditions, be they physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

It initiates a powerful flow of healing energy into the body which helps the body to heal rapidly and effectively.

·        It’s quick and easy to learn, no previous experience required.

·        Can discharge blocked energy anywhere in the body

·        Pain can be relieved and our structure re-aligned often in a few minutes, sometimes instantly

·        Everyone can benefit from this method

·        Body Spin workshops provide a gentle introduction to energy work

Body Spin is an integral part of LIFE ALIGNMENT TECHNIQUE which includes, Body Spin, Body Alignment Technique, Vortex Alignment Technique, Home Alignment (an application of Vortex). Organisation / Business Alignment

Body Spin, like Body Alignment Technique addresses the root cause of an issue rather than attempting to treat the symptom. It also honors the agenda of the higher self and, with permission and by priority; it addresses the issues locked in the body’s tissue.

In the workshop you will learn:
-               Vibrational healing and the subtle energy fields                           -               Use of Applied Kinesiology
-               Identifying and balancing body points and systems                     -               Dowsing with a pendulum
-               Major & Minor Chakras                                                                 -               Emotional Release balancing
-               Pain balancing                                                                              -               Detoxing of the body
-               use of vortex cards                                                                                         

Included in the course:
Extensive manual & colour chart; Seed of Life and Resonance Vortex Cards & Vortex pendulum. Certificate issued after case studies have been completed. Go to for more info.

Teacher:  Christine Hardy
Christine, trained by Dr Jeff Levin, has been Practicing Body Alignment Technique, Vortex Alignment and Life Alignment for eight years and is a qualified teacher. Member of NHTS.

Contact details:            Christine + 2782 373 5460  Website:

Venue:  La Lucia Ridge

When:  Fri 8th June Registration 5:30pm  Start:: 6pm -9.30pm   Sat 8thth & Sun 9th 9am- 5pm  or (July 6th -8th)

Investment: ZAR 3400.00  Inclusive of full course materials and practical session. Manual chart vortex pendulum  and  2 x vortex cards

Bank Details: C. Hardy; Standard Bank, Durban North Branch No: 042826
Current A/C No: 25 119 956 8 (Your name as a reference). Swift code: SBZAZAJJ

Deposit.50% secures place. Please confirm your payment to Christine via email or sms.

Cancellations are non refundable but are transferrable to next course date providing 7 days notice is given.

Catering to be advised.

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