Monday, 21 May 2012

Free Quraan classes for females!

Alhamdulillah soon we will be in the mubarak month of Ramadhan.Are we spiritually prepared? Let's make a start now! Insha allah. How? By taking out only  hour per week for Tajwid & Quraan classes. This will certainly please our Creator cos we're taking time out to go out in His path to seek knowledge from His kitaab. By attending these classes desr sisters we will brush up on:

1.Tajwid-rules of the quraan eg: qalqalah; ghunnah; madd etc.

2.Learning where the letters emanate from eg: throat; lip; nasal passage etc.

3.Learning qualities of letters eg: soft; heavy; harsh etc.

4.Fluency in recitation

5.Rules of waqf i.e stopping-where; when; how etc.

6.Qiraat style-to recite in a voice that will please Allah Ta'ala.

Do u apply the above correctly in Salaah and Quraan recitation? Do u know that to recite  letter correctly we will obtain the reward of  virtues? Alhamdulillah! Do u know that it is compulsory (fardh) to seek knowledge in the science of Tajwid & correct recitation? Are u fulfilling this Fardh act? Moreover-You can assist your ma'soom children with their sabak/surahs.

Remember-You will not be asked to recite individually-no embarrassment caused whatsoever. Come on sister, let's give this Quraan classes a shot!! You need to come in with your full Quraan and whudu only,Insha Allah.

Venue: Madressah Tut Taufeeq- 12 Rivonia Place, Overport.

Time: 11am - 12 noon, Tuesdays.

Be a strong muslim and say YES! to this. Bring along other sisters as well(y).

Contact : 031 2078175 or 0721008600

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