Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Great Conquest of Istanbul

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw)is reported to have said something to this effect:   
"Constantinople will definiately be conquered what an excellent leader is its leader and what an excellent army is its army." (Hadith, Musnad-I Ahmed Bin Hanbel)

"Sins of the first army from my ummah, who go to conquer the city of Caesar (ie. Istanbul), are forgiven." (Hadith, Sahih Al Bukhari)

The two ahdith mentioned above had inspired and motivated numerous muslim armies to conquer Istanbul, however, many got as far as to besiege the city, but none could penetrate it's solid was. It was the magnificent Sultan Muhammad the second who inspired by the words of the Prophet (saw) took up the challenge.

Galata Area
In a short-time he managed to besiege the city from both and and sea. The siege continued for days due to the inability to penetrate the mighty fortresses of Istanbul. The Sultan was no ordinary man, despite his young age, he had an amazing intellect. His mind was as sharp as a sword. He displayed great passion and vigour in his actions. A man who was creative and innovative even in the most tense circumstances. His inability to penetrate the great fortresses, eventually led him to one of the most genius ideas that was ever recorded in history. Seventy battle ships were made to slide over Galata Hill into the golden horn on rails greased with animal fat, towed by oxen and controlled by hundreds of men with ropes. What an amazing site it must have been, to witness ships "sailing" on land. A canon launched by the Sultan blasted the first hole through the walls. The strong city gates of Istanbul were finally demolished.

Istanbu had eventually surrender to Fatih Sultan Muhammad. Not only was he one of the youngest magnificent conquerers of history but also proved to be one of the most intellectual and broad-minded emperors in history by the administration system he established, which was based on equality, freedom of religion and trade practises. He had immediately started reconstructing the city.

The young conquerer, by his courage and tolerance, speeded up the process of renaissance and the reformation movement which enabled Europe to evolve to its current state.

In conclusion, he left a model city, an outstanding example to the world in which people of various religions, culture and languages co-existed in peace for 559 years. For the very same reason, Istanbul has been a "city of peace" for 559 years.

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