Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Life & Style Mag Contributor - Hitesh Surujbally

Hitesh Surujbally is an inspired, motivated and empowered SUPERSTAR committed to providing world class, services and 

products which empower individuals and organisations to live with purpose and Inspiration maximising their true 
potential enabling them to be the best that they can be.

He offers 1 hour presentations for conferences or organizations to powerful and life transforming weekend courses 
and one on one consultation.He is driven by Desire, Determination and Dedication and well as 

Persistence, Perseverance and emPowerment helping you make a success in the 5 Golden Spheres of Life: 

Health, Wealth, Love, Spiritual and Social.

Hitesh Surujbally has dedicated his life to the study of human behaviour, the laws of the universe and understand how the human mind works To date has written 4 books. His dream and vision is to travel around the world, inspiring people to live their best life, by simply obeying by rule: FOLLOW YOUR HEART. Hi energy and enthusiasm on stage will leave you feeling like anything is possible. He is a dynamic keynote speaker who is definitely one the best in the word in his field. 

He gives you information which will lead to inspiration, that results in transformation!Life is a game play it! 

Success is a choice, choose it!
"Be the SUPERSTAR you are, I AM !!!" Hitesh Surujbally

For more information visit: 


FB: hiteshsurujbally
Twitter: @hsurujbally

BBM: 27E14DE7

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