Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mumbai Cafe - Killarney

An authentic indian restaurant with a modern twist, that's how I would describe the Mumbai Cafe with their authentic indian cuisine and their modern and tasteful decor, furniture and fittings.

If you ever are in Jhb, this place is worth the visit.

Their food too is totally delicious to say the least.

The starters of Paani Puri and Paapri Chaat is a must-have.

The Paani Puri is a treat my family must indulge in at the Fordsburg Square, but the Paapri Chaat was a first and I must say I prefer it anyday over the Paani Puri.

Azra enjoyed a yummy chicken tikka, Amira fell in love with the garlic naan and I loved my chicken shwarma, which was spiced with cinnamon and not chilli.

Well, if you are in the vicinity of Jhb, be sure to visit.

We definiately need a branch here in Durban.

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