Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Shawarma Pasta

500-750g steak cubed small

Marinate in:

2tbsp vinegar
3tbsp Worcester sauce
3tbsp steers chilli sauce
2tbsp mustard sauce
4tbsp tomato sauce
Red masala
Bbq spice

Cook till soft
Place at bottom of pyrex
Make salad kachumar with Handful steamed chopped pepper Onion, tomato, mic with chilli and tomato sauce Spread over steak
Fry chips ±2large potatos, slap chips, add vinegar,salt and chilli powder
Boil 2cups macaroni, put over chips
Drizzle just tomato sauce over
Last top with cheese
Bake at 180' till hot and cheese melts..enjoy!!

Contributed by Safiya Ally (Estcourt)

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