Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The 2nd Eid Shopping Festival

The 2nd Eid Shopping Festival will open its door to visitors from 12 July 2012. Packed with cultural activities and entertainment, the four day event promises to offer the attendees the best in Fashion, Art & literature, professional seminars & workshops, Entertainment as well as activities for the young. It is for these reasons that this major cultural event not only continues to enjoy popularity with the local community, but also, increasingly, it is becoming a “must-attend” event for international exhibitors as they capitalise on the emerging African markets.
The Eid Shopping Festival is a platform for diverse cultures to interact & celebrate Eid. Through this celebration everyone in South Africa will be introduced to the core values of Eid that incorporates giving & sharing, tolerance & caring for others as well as highlight the “Joburg” tradition of celebrating this occasion.

From the organiser
We are looking forward to the 2nd edition of the Eid Shopping Festival as it takes centre stage in South Africa to become the most professionally organised and culturally driven Islamic event offering an ideal forum for our diverse Muslim communities to come together and make Eid special again.”

Shenaz Ghood

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