Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Acorn kids Amazing Bath Range

ANGEL POWDER~Shake a little of the powder into your bath water and watch as it magically changes into an extravaganza of colour. A colour powder that changes the colour of water into blue,red or yellow. Teaches children to experiment with combinations of colour. DOES NOT stain child, bath or tiles!                     

SURFS UP FUN FOAM~ A foam bath with mystical sea creatures. Pour bubble liquid under running tap and watch as the bubbles form. Your child will love tracking and trapping the little fish,developing eye/hand co ordination and fine motor skills. Available in 5 different colours          

SUPER SLUSH~ Change an ordinary bath into a playground of coloured slush for your kids! When they have finished playing in the slush simply change it back into a different colour water! Loads of FUN! Great for pre school outdoor tactile activities.                                       

KALEIDOFOAM~ A brightly coloured FOAM soap with a wonderful fragrance. The fun foam encourages children to wash from head to toe while colours,textures and fragrances create a tactile and sensory experience.                                         

SNIFFLES FOAM BATH~ A gentle soap free foam bath,with long lasting bubbles and enriched with botanical extracts. Sniffles contains eucalyptus,camphor,lavender and camomile to provide soothing comfort to snuffy noses and tight chests! Excellent for winter!!                           

KIDS BOOKS.                                      

FINGER PUPPET BOOKS~ Where every book has a built in finger puppet with which your child can play out the story. Each book has a lovely moral such as..Sharing,eating healthily and helping others.                                                                   

FLIP-UP FAIRY TALES~ Much loved fairy tales leap to life in these lively retellings. There's a surprise under each lift-up flap to add to the FUN! The flip-up fairy tale books encourage prediction and discussion.                  


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