Sunday, 17 June 2012

KidZ nd TeenZ Program

We are aware that school holidays are a time when children get bored and are idle. Because of the economic climate both parents sometimes have to work. My intention in having this program is that children will be able to find crafts, educational material, books   and so on which will keep them busy in the holidays and also helps with their academic performance.  The behavioral issue is another major issue facing parents and this will be addressed. Furthermore, social networking has impacted all our lives and radiation from these devices is affecting our health. My guest speakers will be addressing these issues.

Parents will be able to benefit by learning about strategies to help them cope with issues facing their children.

North Beach Events presents-
KidZ and TeenZ family fun day on the 24 June, Balmoral Hotel, from 9:30am  to 4:30pm.  

A whole day of fun activities:
Crafts card making, mendhi applications, decoupage, mosaic etc by Crafty Hands and Shenaaz Desai

Madrasa on Cherry will be entertaining the kidz 3-7 yrs with stories, drama and songs at 11.30am

Fatima Timol - Speech Therapist and Audiologist will conduct speech and language screening for children with problems (R100).

1.    Behavioral problems and instilling respect and etiquettes - Safeeyah Moosa – Life Coach
* Talking about identifying and how to shift or change sabotaging behavior in yourself and/or kids.
* Simple instant strategies to instill the type of conduct you want from children
* Getting your child to take you seriously respectfully
* Discipline effectively with love and get the outcome you want
* Effortless rule making and complying
* No mess no fuss discipline
* Accelerating learning and enhancing confidence

2.   Challenges facing youth and solutions - Ahmed Moola - Cii Youth Foundation Facilitator

3.   Parenting skills - Edris Khamisa

4.   Pros and cons of social networking - Ashwin Singh - Clinical Psychologist.

5.   Ismail Kamdar- Having Fun the Halaal Way
* The current entertainment culture and the two extremes among Muslims
* The need for parents to provide Halal alternatives
* Basic principles of Fiqh that can assist parents in judging which forms of entertainment are Halal for their kids
* Common parenting mistakes when it comes to entertainment

6.   Shaheer Karim -  the effect of modern day technology eg. Playstations and televsion and how they affect health, and consequences for future health.
Education and advice on all Biokinetic services, which include muscle pains, posture related issues, fitness, weightloss, rehabilitation on injuries, cardiac fitness etc
He will talk on the effect of modern day living on health/fitness, with specific focus on children/families. The talk will be structured modern day technology eg playstations, tv series etc and how it effects health, and consequences for future health

7.  Junaid Bhayat - Accelerated Learning

For further information contact: or 031 3329724 after hours

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