Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Life, Style & Fashion Mag Contributor - Ferhad Sookhlal

Seek Knowledge from cradle to grave

I am a young and vibrant student completing my articles towards the chartered accountancy profession and currently residing in Durban

In addition to studying I am also involved with our local Islamic radio station ‘Radio Al Ansaar’ often assisting with the sports news and being the sound technician for the morning show.

As a 90s toddler my passion for sports developed at a young age without the technology of Playstations, Wii, X box or smartphones that exist today. I was sent out on the instruction of my mum  into the playground ,that was our yard, to entertain myself with nothing but a bat and  ball in my hand to practise with.

Twenty three years on I still feel I am practising and learning from past mistakes. As I continuously set out to achieve my goals many of the sporting personalities provide inspiration to me though I gain my greatest strength in the remembrance of our Almighty Allah (SWT)

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Look forward to hearing your comments, response to the article  and any general thoughts on the latest sporting updates- Inshallah

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