Saturday, 9 June 2012

Quotes by: Maulana Mazhar ibn Aarif Billah Hakeem Akhtar, Marlboro

1. "To be in the company of the pious for the sake of friendship only is pointless.
We must have the conviction in his ability to reform us, and be prepared to reform.
We must also love him unconditionally.
To listen to a doctor without taking his medication is pointless.
We must always make this dua:
                                                    "Allahumma Yassirlee Jaleesan Salihan"

2. The zikr of الله سبحانه و تعالي is the best antibiotic, even better than the worldly antibiotics which destroys the entire immune system.
Sick people should recite 3 X Durood 7 X As'alallahul Azeem Rabbal Arshil Azheem ay Yashfeeyak 7 X Surah Fatihah 3 X Durood twice daily until complete cure is attained.
This is a proven cure.

     - Maulana Mazhar ibn Aarif Billah Hakeem Akhtar, Marlboro, 8th June 2012

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