Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Breeze Publishing

After having worked at a publishing company in Egypt for five years, Naseema Mall's  dream of starting  a publishing company was realized.

Today Breeze Publishing is pleased to be the South African publisher of Mirza Yawar Baig’s books:

-          The Business of Family Business

-          Hiring Winners

-          A Journey of Faith

-          Marriage – Making It and Living It

-          Bringing up a Muslim Child

-          20.10.2010 – 55 (55 Life Lessons)

In the coming months we will be releasing new books by Durban based Abdulla Amla and Australian author Selma Cook.

Breeze Publishing is also dedicated to promoting reading and literacy as part of its social development programme, in collaboration with the Life, Style & Fashion Magazine.

For further enquires on our books and to help with our social development programme, please contact us on 079 107 9930 or

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