Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Bridemode....will be at the Life, Style & Mag Fashion Show & Mag Launch

For elegant, unique, and great attention to detail, Durban Muslima has found BrideMode!

A local business available at their studio or through their online page, they supply bridal wear and evening wear catering to most tastes. This company is fresh and knows whats appealing to women for that special occasion. The designs from their catalogue makes any girls heart skip a beat with fabulous beadworks, fabrications and latest trends, no woman would be out of style for their next glamorous event!

We no longer have to search aimlessly through malls or settling for store bought inferior fabricated poofy dresses and ridiculous prices. With BrideMode you get the great expected quality at a price that makes it worth it compared to something store bought.

BrideMode is looking to change the face of evening and bridal wear through South Africa and Durban in particular and making it more accessible for women.

They have a 2012 collection of wedding dresses for purchase or hire and evening wear dresses selected from exclusive catalogues for individual purchases. Just pick a style, colour, size and just like that you're set and ready to look fabulous for your next event! It cannot get any easier for us ladies!

The best part is because most dresses are per order and seasonal, the odds of some one having the same dress as you at the next function are slim and close to non.

BrideMode has great catalogues with an array of new designs from Jovani, New York and Macduggal, Chicago, orders from these designers can be placed with them exclusively. At least 8 weeks prior to your event.

BrideMode has a creative team that is always sourcing international designers and looking to also get local talent on board, so its easily accessible to you. Best of all you can be spoilt for choice and who knows which designers dress you'll have access to come next season.

If you have an evening wear or bridal dress design in mind but perhaps on a budget? BrideMode can cater to your needs as they can source suppliers to have it made for you.

The pre ordered dresses can be custom made for that Haute couture finish and feel.

The exciting thing is that we ladies now have full control with the custom made dress option from BrideMode, a little longer here or shorter there, change the neckline, add sleeves, change the colour, and voile! No more getting a fussy bolero or mis-matched pashmina for covering our shoulders.

BrideMode is also able to get your dress to you country wide and in time for your next exclusive event, so you dont have to be a Durbanite to take advantage of what they have to offer. Now you can really feel like a celebrity.

We are excited about this new company we found and its definitely worth a share with you ladies.  

Check out their new facebook page and LIKE for the latest updates and while you there check out their Swarovski crystal clutch hand bag collection, very exclusive and absolutely stunning.


Badrriya 0836479680 / Zayboen 0837880534/ Suraya 078 8028333

Catch Bridemode this Sunday @ the Mag Launch & Fashion Show!


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