Thursday, 26 July 2012

Exquisite Scarf Styling, in Bridal Issue of THE LIFE, STYLE & FASHION MAG

Islamic headgear is the trademark of a Muslim woman hence for centuries Muslim women have covered their heads. Today, with the interesting styles, colours and textures available, one can wear a scarf in a variety of styles that are versatile, appealing, comfortable as well as attractive.  Furthermore, the scarf style that you choose to wear should compliment, accentuate and complete your outfit. The correct colour and scarf style can work wonders on any outfit.

NAZMA RASOOL from “EXQUISITE SCARF STYLNG”, is a professional scarf stylist and make-up artist.  She specializes in scarf styling for weddings and special occasions, including bridal scarf styling, as well as conducting basic scarf styling workshops.
Scarf styling is definitely one of her passions. What started off as a hobby has developed into a full-time business. Nazma has done many bridal scarf styles, each one custom designed to suit the bride’s individual needs.

  • Are you tired of wearing the same scarf style everyday?
  • Does your scarf slip off your head throughout the day?
  • Do want to learn quick, easy, appealing styles where you can be in and out of the house within minutes?


The following options are available
  • Attend a workshop at our premises in Lenasia
  • Attend a workshop in your area
  • Host a workshop at your place

Learn how to create interesting styles which are versatile, stylish and comfortable. The styles are practical and can be adapted to wear with any outfit or Abaya.

Nazma Rasool
Mobile +2784 410 3200

Nazma, has joined THE LIFE, STYLE & FASHION MAG team. Catch her in the second issue of the mag.

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