Friday, 10 August 2012

Ilm SA'a Under-Priviledged Kids Eid Party

As salaamu alaikum
We pray you are gaining maximum benefit from the last third of this month.

As you know, each year, ILM-SA hosts a party for about 150 underprivileged children at Essenwood Park on Eid Day.  The children are sent new clothes, and are treated to a party in the park, after praying Eid Salaah.  This includes meals, treats, entertainment as well as a giant Eid cake.  You are invited to be part of this moving occasion too, but we will send you info about that shortly.

For now, we'd like to request your assistance in ensuring we throw the kids as memorable a party as possible.

This is what we currently require:

1)  Eid gifts (toys not clothing):  9 gifts for 11 year old boys, 8 gifts for 12 year old boys, 1 gift for a 16 year old boy, 1 gift for a 17 year old boy and 1 gift for   an 18 year old boy.  To contribute a gift, please call Azra Hassim on 083 6786 444 before Wednesday next week.
Alhamdulillah, Azra has managed to secure gifts from generous donors for the other children, the above is what is outstanding.

2)  Alhamdulillah our Zakaah needs for the day have been taken care of, but we still require Lillah.
Lillah is required for:  entertainment (R680), a cake (R800), cartage (R900), furniture and ground cover (R1600), sound for the salaah (R2800), mobile toilets (R300) and food for NON UNDERPRIVILEGED PEOPLE who attend, like park workers, volunteers, members of the public (R2000). 
This amounts to R9080.  We have raised R4200 of this amount, and therefore require R4800.
To donate cash call Azra on 083 6786 444, or to make a deposit, please use the following details:

Name of Account holder:  Institute for Learning and Motivation - South Africa
Bank:  FNB
Branch Code:  222826
Account number: 62143281905
Reference: EID2012

Please note excess funds raised will be used towards our activities all of which are linked to Islamic education and socio-economic help.

Fathima Asmal

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