Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Poetry: My beard

My beard,
A replica of my Nabi(Prophet),
How else am i to be proud of my deen?

I stood with pride ,
I had nothing to hide,
My beard,
My maturity,
My manliness,
Was all i showed.

Offended,you mocked at me,
Abused my integrity,
A free country?
Is this what you call freedom?

Harrassed and abused,
Until my soul left me,
But now I'ΠΌ above
With my Lord,
My creator.

My brothers will fight for me,
For the cause of which i left this world,
Just for my beard,
The sunnah of my Nabi.

As you live ,
You will toil,
In guilt,knowing you killed a man bcos of his beard,
As i enjoy the rewards of paradise in bliss.

A beard, the beauty of a man,
Just as A lion is never seen without its mane.... 

Written by Amatullah

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