Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Mavrix launch "Pura Vida" CD

Following up on the release of their music video, “The New Black” to international critical acclaim in March 2012, South African band, The Mavrix, are to release their new music cd, “Pura Vida” in Sept 2012.

Comprising of vocalists Ayub Mayet and Ravi Naidoo, guitarist Jeremy Karodia, violinists Shahzaadee Karodia and Corvin Brady and tabla player Pravesh Vallabh, the band has been in studio for the last two years composing and writing 14 tracks for the new album.

True to the sound of their first cd, “Guantanamo Bay”, released in 2004/2005, the new album reflects the band's diverse brand of fusing African, Indian classical and Western musical styles in the “folk/rock” genre. The songs are just as diverse in lyrical content with themes that are socio/political, spiritual, anti-war, romantic and satirical.

The album features an array of talented and versatile local and international musicians who accompanied the band to create an album embellished by multiple instruments and musical arrangements. Johannesburg based Denny Lalouette and Gregs Moonsammy on bass, Pahlad Singh on accordion, Kreasan Moodley on harmonium, a string trio featuring Ruby Ngoasheng on viola, Kagiso Molete on violin and Sizekello Shuba on cello, Wian Joubert on percussion, Durban based santoor player, Ashwin Morar and Palestinian Oud player, Mohamed Omar helped create a unique style that The Mavrix have become known for.

“Pura Vida” in Spanish means pure life and after 28 years of performing, composing and writing music based on struggle, the album title reflects the band's commitment towards global justice and world peace.

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