Friday, 3 August 2012

The Reality of Love

How many of us envisaged a disney romance with the horse-drawn carriage, rose petals and singing mice? I know i have & I'm sure that if you delve deep into your forgotten memories you'll see that you have too. All it takes is one love, one relationship, or one heartbreak to show us how wrong we are.

Realistically speaking we couldn't handle those "prince charming" types: A guy watching you sleep is creepy, if he hears violins every time he sees you then he needs to check his mental state & if he says you're his reason for breathing ask him to choose between you & oxygen & notice how quickly that changes.

I know i sound a bit dramatic and like I'm "anti-love" (I'm actually one of the most romantic people that you'll ever meet) - but I'm just tired of wishing for a clich├ęd love that didn't, doesn't & will not exist.

I want something real, something with substance. From the morning breath to the silly fights over who's doing the dishes. I'd rather have a guy who falls asleep before me instead of watching me sleep [yeah i don't get the twilight 'love' (o_O)].

Love isn't all walks on the beach and candle light dinners. It takes a lot of patience and understanding (and effort to stop yourself from wanting to smack him over the head with the frying pan). It's sometimes having to stop yourself from saying something to avoid a fight and apologizing even when you're right. It's certainly not easy - but nothing worthwhile ever is.

We need to stop trying to recreate these foolish "love stories" & start creating our own. It won't be perfect (white doves won't fly by every time he sees you) but at least it will be Real, True, and hopefully Everlasting. 

-Arlia Alli-

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