Thursday, 27 September 2012

Launch of "Unbreaking the Rainbow"

The Live Poets Society launched the book Unbreaking the Rainbow a collection of protest poems. The magnificent event took place on 5 September at the Point Yacht Club.

“Unbreaking the Rainbow” is one of the first anthologies on protest poetry in South Africa.
It has struggle poetry both from before and after apartheid.

This anthology is an important document and it gives insight into the hearts and minds of South African poets.

Power Corrupts like no other and this is true all over the world.
Poetry serves to bring  out both emotion and intellect and touches the minds and hearts of people enabling them to act.

The book can be used by P.H.D students for their dissertation and anyone who wants to know about the  South African struggle.

The guest speaker for the event was Ella Gandhi  who congratulated  the poets whose works have made it into the pages of “Unbreaking the Rainbow”  as this  is very  significant  and noteworthy collection of protest poetry.

Dr Amitabh Mitra who is the editor of the book introduced each poet , who were given an opportunity to recite their poems. 

The highlight of the evening was the poem recited by Poppy Harvey She intermingled song with poetry with musical results. The ambience was absolutely wonderful and it was so wonderful to see such a marvelous turnout despite the rain. Everything was superb from the organization to the participants to the cuisine and the venue.

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