Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Advertise in The Life, Style & Fashion mag

The Life, Style & Fashion Magazine is a lifestyle magazine for the South African muslim community.
 It covers life, style, fashion, travel, beauty, alternate healing, health issues, healthy eating, food, and much more. We are constantly adding to our content to inspire people to the Islamic way of life.

With so many “free mags” on the market, why should you want to advertise in The Life, Style & Fashion Mag?
The Life, Style & Fashion Mag appeals to a market between 20-40yrs of age.
The magazine appeals to a market that specifically purchases the mag for its content and advert quality.
With adverts being kept at a minimum, we allow you maximum exposure with minimum competition.
Purchased mags offer an air of exclusivity to the purchaser and advertiser which is not offered via free mags.

What makes The Life, Style & Fashion Mag different from other muslim magazines?
We offer buyers a fresh magazine that makes an appealing read with up-to-date topics that are not prevalent in other muslim mags on the market.
We allow for pictures of people if need be.
Our contributors include, public leaders: Salma Kazi, Faradh Patel & Amina Jamal of Radio Al Ansaar, Sister Ammarah of Radio Islam, Leadership specialists: Mirza Yawar Baig, Edris Khamissa, Ismail Kamdar.
The magazine also serves to empower others to become regular and maybe eventually feature contributors.

For more info on our ad rates,email adverts.lsfmag@gmail.com

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