Friday, 12 October 2012

The Pink Hijab Glitz & Glam Affair - Nur el Ein

Nur-el-Ein .....showcasing at The Pink Hijab Glitz & Glam Affair ..... 
Nur El Ein Abayaat & Arabian Dresses will be showcasing the Summer Range of Abayaat. Middle Eastern inspired, incorporating modesty with a touch of sheer elegance. 
In this Range we explore color,drapery & daring prints. 
Hijaab is simple but elegant. 
Our range puts emphasis on the elegance of a women. 
We do not need to wear the clothes of the West when leaving the house. 
Our hijaab is our identity and we can still look so beautiful if we only know how to don it.
A womens modesty is the best clothing she can wear. 
Our abayaat makes sure that your femininity is boasted with modesty and in accordance to Shari'ah.

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