Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Pink Hijab Glitz & Glam Affair - Event Review

On the 9th of November, Durban Muslima hosted its second Pink Hijab Event. Quite different from last year’s tea garden and conference, this year we highlighted this initiative with The Pink Hijab Glitz and Glam Affair, an event of food, fashion friends and family. The NMJ Islamic Centre was transformed to a haven of pink decadence with exuberant, extravagant fashion by leading design houses – Essence Collection, Mora Ammo, Nur el Ein, Zeeny B, Fanazish Couture and the launch of The Sofia Collection.

The response to the event was over-whelming.  

Durban Muslima, is no formal organization. It is in the process of registering as an npo. What started as a blog with a growing following, Shireen Mansoor, the woman behind Durban Muslima collaborated with Shenaaz Jamal and Safia Kazi to put this event together. “We had many issues to adhere to in putting together such a huge event and we tried our best to ensure that the event was to everyone’s satisfaction. “

We overwhelmed with positive feedback however there were some negative issues  from patrons which we would like to address some of the issues, here:
·         With every event, there are always hiccups and some issues are in our control and can be improved upon and some are beyond our control. Example the heavy downpour caused a lot of the patrons from arriving late to the venue, hence a delay in starting the program. The weather was beyond our control but us delaying the start was in our control and we ensure that our next event will start promptly on time.  After evaluating the logistics on the floor on the night before the event we included an additional 100 tickets and increased our catering requirements accordingly. After this we still experienced a frenzy for tickets and even had to turn away people at the door on the evening of the event. We encourage patrons to purchase their tickets early to avoid disappointment.
·         As Apa khadija from Libaas ut taqwa pointed out during her talk, in a gathering of women it is ok if ones hair is open or the arms are bare. At NO time was any of our models parading on the ramp with her satr exposed. This was merely to illustrate that within the right context, Islam is not restrictive. Also that we enccourage women to dress up for their husbands saving him from Hell fire. If she becomes the object of her husband’s affection, there will be no need for him to transgress.
·         At any time during the show there was no music played. During the fashion segments, we used vocals by Nasheed Artists – Maher Zain and Zain Bhika.
·         Food has been a complaint by many patrons, we have looked into this matter with much care and attention and assure patrons that at the next event will be more attention will be placed, on ensuring  that the food is served promptly and adequately.

·         Durban Muslima would like to thank every person that supported our event and took the time to send us feedback on the event. We have addressed the main concerns here, however  all the feedback received has been taken into account and we will implement actions to make sure that  with your advice and suggestions, the next event is even bigger and better.

·        The aim of these events is to provide an alternative for our young girls where they can get dressed and enjoy a night out with friends and family. The sad reality is that our girls are being led astray, frequenting the fashion shows at clubs and bars. Intermingling with and being drugged and raped by drunk non muslim boys! These fashion shows serve as our humble initiative to make a difference and we ask for the full support of the Durban Muslim community.

Durban Muslima has come out of the event with more experience and knowledge and Insha Allah with the support of the public we propose to forge ahead with our forthcoming events:
·         The Purple Hijab Fashion Fenomenon  - A dinner and fashion show in aid of victims of domestic violence February 2012
·         The Women in Business Expo  

For more information on our forthcoming events, please visit: or contact Shireen Mansoor on 083-597-9602 / email: / bb pin 2a6fd61c

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