Monday, 12 November 2012

The Pink Hijab Glitz & Glam Affair

Assalaam wa ‘alaikum

Durban Muslima would like to take the opportunity of firstly making shukar to Allah for affording us the opportunity of putting together an event of this magnitude and granting us success in this endeavor and may Allah grant us success in our future initiatives, as well.

Secondly we thank our compere, Raeesa Mohamed, Guest speakers – Counsillor, Fawzia Peer, Apa Khathija & Hannah Lurie for sharing their time with us.

Thirdly we would like to thank all our sponsors, designers, traders, service providers (mentioned below)  and all the visitors that have come to spend this evening in our company and support our initiative.

Last but not least, the two women that have backed Shireen Mansoor of Durban Muslima in this initiative: Shenaaz Jamal & Safia Kazi. This event would not have reached this point without your input.

The response to this event has been over-whelming and Insha Allah we will be back with more worthy initiatives in the new year that aim to empower women and community projects, support other initiatives and drives and raise awareness and funds.

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Any feedback (good and bad) is welcome and can be mailed to

We hope that you enjoyed the programme and trust that we have your support at our next event :The Purple Hijab Event, coming to you in February 2012....

We look forward to your support in our future initiatives.

Wa alaikumus salaam

Media Partners:-
The Life, Style & Fashion Mag
Islam Today
Vita Media

Cazabella, by Shenaaz Jamal
Essence Collection, by Maccia Moosa
Mora Ammo, by Mohamed Amod
Nur El Ein, by Sumayya Fakroodeen
Zeeny B
Sofia, by Safia Kazi
Fanazish Couture, by Nazrina

Service Providers:-
NMJ Islamic Centre
AK Azam Khan's
Kathree's Sound
Ahmed Mukthaar Caterers
Softlight Media

Make-up by Butterfly Beauty
Make-up by Beauty & Style Network - Fatima Paruk
Hair by Swaleha Hansa
Backstage Co-ordinator: Safia Kazi

Islam Today
New Era Printers
Boutique Travel
Baked @ Home
Faerie Cakes
Perfect 10
House of Beauty
The Beauty Studio

Husnaa Kajee
Shaista Tarmohamed
Shazia Gafoor
Shenaaz Peer
Faatima Chohan
Naseerah Essa
Chante Donkin
Natalie Healey
Kayler Vivian
Savanah Mathurine
Natasha Meyer
Yolande Smith
Saleha Kadwa
Jemita Maharaj
Mishkaah Moola

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