Thursday, 27 February 2014

Ilm SA Classes

We would like to inform you that our highly skilled Qur'an teacher, Shaykh Nassiruddeen Az-Zubair (studied Qur'an in Egypt for almost a decade), has returned from the Comoros and is available to assist mainly women, but also others including teenagers, men and children memorise portions of (e.g. a few surahs from the last paara, or longer surahs) or the entire Qur'an.

Please note:
* Lessons are half an hour to one hour long (depending on the size of the group)
* All lessons take place at the NMJ Islamic Centre, upstairs classroom (the one with glass computer tables)
* Sisters can choose to do anything from one to four lessons per week
* The cost is R250 per month irrespective of duration/number of lessons per month
* Payments are non-refundable and will need to be made in advance, via EFT or at our offices (details available upon booking)
* Time slots have to be booked in advance with Sister Azra, on 083 6786 444 or

* Timings are as follows:

Mondays to Thursdays, half hour and one hour slots available from 10am to 2pm.

Tuesdays: half hour and one hour slots available from 2pm to 5pm
Saturdays: half hour and one hour slots available from 9am to 2pm

Lessons begin on Monday the 17th of February in sha Allah. To book a slot or for more information contact Sister Azra on 083 6786 444 or

Jazakallahu khayran
Bb pin: 7b5bd0bd

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