Sunday, 18 May 2014

The Secret Chef -Tawa pizza. 

 2 cups flour.
 2 tsp baking powder.
 2 tbl ghee.
 Enough sour milk to dough. *make dough.....roll out alittle thicker than roti( about 3mm thick) place on hot tawa, when it blows up, flip it around...brush ghee .....very generously!....toast other side well n brush ghee, then spread a nice layer of steers peri peri sauce over....sprinkle grated cheese, then julienned tri peppers, and thin slices of polony and cherry tomatoes....i put it on highest shelf in oven on grill....I like the roasted polony flavour....the base toasted both sides give that lekker toasted flavour... The secret chef wants to know who sent me the. CARROT ACHAAR PICKLE RECIPE PLEASE RESEND IT ASAP THANKS -the secret chef needs it ..... CARROT ACHAAR RECIPE

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