Monday, 9 June 2014

In Conversation with Imran Garda ....

As salaamu alaikum
ILM-SA in conjunction with Evolve Media & Communications invites you to the launch of The Thunder that Roars, the debut novel of well-known Al Jazeera journalist and news anchor, Imran Garda.

Event:  In Conversation with Imran Garda
Date:  Monday, 23 June 2014
Time:  6.30pm
Venue:  Ninos, Moses Mabhida Stadium
RSVP:   via email (  or SMS/Whatsapp (0791407422)
Copies of the book will be available for sale at R200 each; when RSVP-ing please indicate how many copies you require - Imran will happily sign them :)

More information:
Imran Garda, 31, joined Al Jazeera in 2006 and anchored the news and Inside Story from Doha, Kuala Lumpur and Washington D.C.  Most recently, he hosted the award-winning, Emmy-nominated show The Stream.
The main character of his novel is New York-based journalist Yusuf Carrim who returns to South Africa when he finds out that Sam, a family friend has gone missing.
The Thunder that Roars has been published by Random Struik which describes the novel as ‘fast-paced’ and ‘cosmopolitan’:  “From the suburbs of Johannesburg to the streets of Bulawayo, from Dubai air­port to an immigrant facility on the Mediterranean island of Lampedusa, Yusuf ’s quest to find Sam turns into an inward journey of his own.”
Garda says that although the first draft for the book took him six months to complete, the story had been ‘bubbling inside him for much longer.’
He said it wasn’t difficult to make the transition from journalism to fiction.  “Both involve storytelling and conveying information,” he explained.  “I just get to explore stories and the human condition with more creativity in this regard.”
He added that being a published author was more special than any other professional achievement.  “Now I’d love to do another book.”
“I hope readers will find the story challenging,” he said.  “It’s a book of journeys.  Yusuf’s search for Sam.  Yusuf’s inner journey.  “And also, I hope, a journey the reader takes…where you might laugh, get angry (at me), get sad…and just ponder over a sense of belonging in this complex world.”

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