Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Bacaro Skin Care Serum

BACARO SKIN CARE SERUM removes twenty years of sun-damage in 3 months guaranteed!!

KIM KARDASHIN using BSC for her stretch marks!

What our serum treats?
¤ Hyper-pigmentation
¤ Dark spots & marks
¤ liver spots
¤ Acne marks
¤ Acne ¤
¤ Freckles
¤ Under-eye circles
¤! Serum R1500.

Our new collection that's changing faces:D
Collogen mask R599,
Mud mask R560 for most amazing results works wonders wth BSC serum!

Brought to you by BACARO SKINCARE! You know you love me....... xoxo
call Rose 0712707274 or 0318375681
Bb pin: 26121730

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