Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Why is Ramadaan the best time to start HERBALIFE??? 
Fasting is a natural means of detoxing and teaching your body discipline... 
Remember being over weight or unfit out of negligence is considered abuse of an amaanat that Almighty has bestowed us with...
feeding it food that is harmful to it(EXCESSIVE pies,deep fried samoosas etc) is a means of damaging it and taking it for granted.. 
Remember every action is judged on its intention...if your intention is to take care and nourish your body with good it automatically is considered an act of ibaada ....
so don't waste time or the perfect opportunity to start your journey to good health and over all well being\=D/. 
Assist ur family in getting thru Ramadaan with solid focus and great energy levels \=D/.

INDEPENDENT HERBALIFE DISTRIBUTORS: Maryam Amod Abdoola. 0848980440. 0329416179. 24F43E6E

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