Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Student Power Bundle

Want to help your child do better in the exams?

Student Mind Power Bundle
Maximize Your Learning Potential

Would you like to boost your study skills quickly and easily?
To be able to take in information faster and access it on demand?

You can learn how to do all of this in just a few hours!

The four brain-boosting sessions in the Student Mind Power Bundle will help you read, learn, study, and
prepare for any test with the confidence and self-belief to outperform your wildest expectations.

Get the Student Mind Power Bundle Now and SAVE: R403
ON SPECIAL: R197 (Downloadable Mp3's)

Session 1: Study Success
Rewire your mind to pay attention.
Make studying easier and more enjoyable.
Take your study skills to the max!
Eliminate poor study habits & distractions.
Learn more with improved memory functioning.

Session 2: Speed Reading Skills
Absorb text rapidly without dwelling on every word.
Focus on important concepts without losing any information.
Reduce the time you spend studying to become super-productive.

Session 3: Ultra-Fast Learning
Realign the parts of your brain that process new information.
Learn to look at everything through fresh eyes.
Learn faster and more effectively than ever before!
Rapidly absorb and recall vast stores of information.

Session 4: Pass that Exam!
Dissolve anxiety and push aside distractions to ace future tests with ease.
Stay calm, recall facts and figures with ease
Enjoy total success on ANY exam, whatever the topic!
Improve your memory and recall easy.
Relax and perform to your best ability.
Eliminate mental blocks and anxiety.

Download the Power Student Hypnosis Bundle now to learn, read, and study like never before – and confidently blitz your next exam.

Get the Student Mind Power Bundle Now and SAVE: R403
ON SPECIAL: R197 (Downloadable Mp3's)

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Hitesh Surujbally is a Hypnosis Practitioner, Life Coach & Author

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