Sunday, 3 August 2014

Sakz Shaik

X_XDo u have Visible Obesity or Hidden Obesity!
Let's help to change ur nutritional habits and conquer the "Obesity Epidemic" (y)
:( Sadly its one in every 4 homes in Durban.
:( 60% people show visible Obesity ie they look oversized.
:O 40% have hidden Obesity ie "TOFI" (thin on the outside fat Inside) in other words.....
"If u think u thin doesn't mean u healthy u may have "High Visceral Fat" ie bad fat around ur organs!
(n) If u getting away with a bad lifestyle ie bad eating habits/poor nutrition now eventually it wil take its toll on u:( God forbid.
Get help now before its too late!  
I'm Sakz Shaik "I lost 99.8kg! One of The Biggest loser in South Africa with Herbalife!
I can only help u only if u .....
<3 Book ur 1 hour Free wellness evaluation for ur results!  
Strictly by appointments!
Herbalife Independant Distributor
Sakz Shaik
0765271432/ Work:0212084108/9
Sakz Shaik

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