Sunday, 21 September 2014

Sakz Shaik

I am Sakz Shaik - The Biggest Loser!
Join me & become The Biggest Winner!
Look & Feel Awsum!
Start ur own business!
And make ur dreams a reality!

I LOST 99.8kg!
I CAN HELP U Lose or Gain or Maintain!
I'm living my dream! U can too!

Active Lifestyle Studio Weekly Schedule/Activities:
Ladies FREE! FREE! Fitness Classes: Mon-Fri 8:15-9am / 9:15-10am (Bring Towel+water bottle+ dumbells)
Let's Burn Fat & Tone Ladies!
With Herbalife 24 Fit Workout: Good Posture+ Flexibility Training+ Metabolic Workouts+Strength Training+Personalised Nutrition Intake = Guaranteed Measurable Results.

Shakey Wednesday
"Shake&Tea Party 10-11am
*Motivational*Nutrition Advice*Cooking Sakz Herbalife Demos*Pamper Party*Kidz Meal Plans*Fun/Laughter...Much more

FREE Body Scan/Evaluations - Strictly By Appointments (Mon-Fri) 10:15am-4pm
Is ur Body fat % in proportion to ur body weight?
Get Ur Free Private & Confidential Full Body Composition Analysis With Sakz Shaik:
*Body Fat(fat underneath ur skin)
*Muscle Mass(muscle burns fat)
*Body Water(Hydration level)
*Fitness Rating
*BMR(calories ur body burns)
*Biological Age(how fast r u aging)
*Bone Mass(how strong r ur bones) *Visceral Fat(fat around ur organs)
*Customise meal plans

Saturday Herbalife Business Opportunity
Want to earn a few Extra R2000 or more Fulltime/Partime call me to become a Herbalife Agent(Training with) Be Part of Sakz Amazing team and earn ur money by just helping people!

Independant Herbalife Distributor
Sakz Shaik
Sakz Active Lifestytle Studio
58 Juniper Rd, Behind Overport City, @ Gazzette Building!

Cell: 0765271432/ Pin: 26519473
Office : 031 2084108/9
FB: Sakzshaik

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