Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Substance / Drug Abuse ... Free Counseling

As salam mu alaikum. 

There is a serious problem of substance/drug abuse which is in our community .   
Families are destroyed -Help is available by Al Khaleel Group ,our meetings take place every Wednesday evenings, 
Venue: Nana Memorial  Boardroom  on Foyle Avenue Crosby at 7:30 pm. 
All that is said in meetings is totally confidential. 
COUNSELING is also provided by trained COUNSELORS and facilitators.   
Everyone is welcome. 
If you know anyone dealing with this life impacting epidemic, please forward this message. 
Lives can be saved. 

JAZAKALLAH for more info contact Shakeer on 074 470 2044 , Ayesha Hoorzook on 0826305880 or Fatima Talia on 0761473682

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