Sunday, 18 January 2015

Water Project for Palestine

Dear ummah of Nabi s.a.w,

I pray to Allah that you are well and safe.

If you recall last year Arctic Amanzi in conjunction with Al-Imdaad Foundation initiated a water project for Palestine so that these blessed people could have clean and pure drinking water. Thanks to you and your generosity, the project has kicked off and here are some pictures to keep you updated on the progress. Please continue to make dua that Allah makes it easy to complete this task and that our objective and intention of providing clean and pure drinking water for the people of Palestine is fulfilled. Ameen.

The tanker truck is on order so InshaAllah it will arrive soon. The tanker truck will be used to take the water and distribute it to the sick and elderly that cannot walk very far. Also funds were  used to buy jojo tanks that will be placed across the areas and these tanker trucks will go and fill these jojo tanks often InshaAllah so that more people benefit from this project.

May Allah reward you abundantly for your generosity and multiply your sustenance tenfolds InshaAllah.

May Allah accept this broken effort of ours and may HE use us to serve this noble and pure deen till the day our eyes close. InshaAllah we will see the day when the whole of Palestine will have clean and pure drinking water. Ameen.

Please do keep me in your duas.

Many Thanks and Warms Regards
Arshad Latiff CA(SA)

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