Monday, 2 February 2015

Cii Projects - 500km cycle between Lenasia and Maputo started TODAY !

Alhamdulillah a Cii Projects team has returned from Mozambique (Maputo and Nampula) as part of the planning for the madressah campaign.

We were warmly welcomed by the local ulama and organisations doing humanitarian and Islamic work.

We were encouraged to work towards setting up a madressah in the Pangane village as phase 1 and then look at establishing a madressah with the alim syllabus in the nearby town of Mosimboa da Praia.

The need for Islamic assistance in the region is massive.

There is also an opportunity assist Muslims on the Island of Ibo with an Islamic institution  (off the east coast of Mozambique )

Our first priority will by Pangane village and inshallah we will move forward from there.

Our 500km cycle between Lenasia and Maputo started TODAY- 2ND February اَلْحَمْدُ لِلّه .

Contribute just a min of R2 per Km - All funds go to the Masjid/Madressah.

The route is as follows and indicates where we hope to be sleeping on that date.

2 Feb Marlborough
3 Feb Lakefield
4 Feb Springs
5 Feb witbank
6 Feb middelburg
7 Feb ermelo
8 Feb barberton
9 Feb Nelspruit
10 Feb Malalane
11 Feb komatipoort
12 Feb Maputo

We require you to make dua  for us. Particularly that Allah grant us ikhlas and keep us focused on our objective which is Akhirat.

Rally your communities and organisations to support this  cause and pass the message on to others.

If you are in one of the towns  enroute, we look forward to meeting you. We are arranging programmes in the masjids so encourage people to attend. If you would like us to interact with youth groups, madrsssah  students, fellow cyclists or any other idea for your town please do contact me.

If U spot us on the Road- HOOT !!! \=D/

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