Monday, 23 February 2015

Family Matters Conference 2015

Twins of Faith
presents...Family Matters Conference 2015
Having captivated
audiences in Malaysia, Australia, the UK & elsewhere, Twins of
Faith has finally reached our shores. Introducing amazing speakers
from a multitude of backgrounds, this conference is sure to bring a
new sense of happiness and contentment into your life, family and

Join Sh Shady Suleiman (Aus), Sh Moutasem
al-Hameedy (Jor), Br Edris Khamissa, Sh Bilal Ismail and others in
Cape Town on the 28th Feb and in Durban on Sunday, the 1st March at
the NMJ Islamic Centre.
The Family Matters Conference celebrates the family
& understands that families do matter. From the Legacy of a
Parent to The house of Khadeejah, From leaving the Nest to Are Men
from Makkah and Women from Madinah?
Join us for an insightful, educational &
spiritual day at the Family Matters Conference
Book online at or call 0844147184 or Purchase
tickets at the Alansaar Bookshop/Kikis
Price is 200
Proceeds go towards the Imam Development Project
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