Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Do you know 5 favours to us by Allah?..

Read on:
🍁1.Do you know that Prayers are never turned down
when done immediately after athan before iqamah?
Ask Allah all ur needs during dis time, for, prayers
are automatically accepted!

🍁2. Do you know where our sins are kept while in
prayer? Sins are kept on our necks and shoulders
and when we bow down to make the ruku' and
sujud, they fall like how leaves fall down from
trees. So stay long while in ruku' and sujud!
🍁3. Have you heard that a woman died and when
her relatives visited her grave they felt an
awesome fragrance coming out of her grave? They
asked her husband and he said she recited suratul
mulk every night while she was alive!
🍁4. Do you know that if u recite ayatul kursiyyu
after every congregational prayer that there will be
nothing that prevents u from jannah except death?
🍁5. Do you know that angels ask Allah to forgive us
whenever we finish prayer? So please stay long
after prayers, don't leave immediately!
May Allah make this as sadaqatul jariya for me and for one who forwarded it to me

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