Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Ayate Karima

ߌ錩basut Taqwa❤
Invites All Sisters Young & Old, To A Spiritually Uplifting Gathering, Where We Silently Recite One Of The Highest Forms Of Istighfar, From The Qur'aan , Which Is The Ayate Karima : The Dua of Yunus (AS) In The Belly Of the Whale.

ߌ鉮 A Mafhoom Of A Hadith, It Is Narrated That Duas Are ACCEPTED After Recital Of          
لا اله الا انت سبحانك اني كنت من الظالمين

ߌ遠Collective Dua Will Be Made Pouring Hearts To ALLAH...Placing Before HIM All Our Needs & Difficulties In Both The Worlds. There Is A Silent Portion In The Dua Where Each Sister Asks Her Own Personal Duas As Well.

ߌ闥 The Ummah Of South Africa Are Facing Extreme Challenges, Within Ourselves, Our Homes, Families & Communities. Let Us Not Miss This Golden Opportunity Of Goodness For Ourselves & The Ummah At Large Inshaa'ALLAH! Who Is Not In Need Of ALLAH's Help?

ߓݠDATE: Thurs 17 March
ߓݠTIME: From 9:30 am
ߓݠVENUE: NMJ Islamic Centre
ߓݠFree Program
☎ 0827866854

Feel The Power Of ALLAH❤ In Your Life...

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