Thursday, 3 March 2016


People think divorcees are the worst of people yet they forget that even one of the sahaba's daughter's divorced her husband a sahaba who was promised jannah, for being too harsh. The daughter of sayyidina Abu Bakr as-Siddiq, Asma: divorced az-Zubair due to his harsh treatment. Was she ridiculed or ostracised? No!
Why then do we do it to our sisters? If Asma (ra) left her husband because of his harsh attitude then why can't a sister leave because of abuse?! Allah swt has made divorce a solution NOT a punishment.
The mother of the believers Khadija (ra) was married twice and widowed both times; she had 3 children before she married RasulAllah (sallilahu alayhi wa sallam), were they seen as a burden? NO! They lived with them and were raised by RasulAllah (sallilahu alayhi wa sallam).
To the sisters wanting to flee abusive marriages or even marriages where they aren't happy and they are told by scholars to have sabr and wait it out ask them for DALEEL. There is NO evidence from them he Qur'an or sunnah that says a woman must stay or have sabr when she is suffering abuse. Men say this as they are men. Would these men advise their daughters the same thing?
We are taught we are nothing without a man in our ummah but we don't NEED a man. Men actually probably need us more! Did Maryam (as) need a man?! That's not to say don't get married. If you find someone with Aqeedah AND Ahlaq then by all means get married but DON'T settle for second best and don't stress if you are divorced thinking you won't remarry. Men are supposed to compliment you not be an added stress!
This poisonous thinking is cultural NOT Islamic. The women of the past would be approached for marriage AS SOON AS their iddat was up. RasulAllah (sallilahu alayhi wa sallam's) own daughters were divorcees (they were married to the sons of Abu Lahab)! If it was always the woman's fault then why were they referred to as 'light' when they married Uthman Ibn Affan?! He was known as 'the possessor of the two lights' the "lights" being Ruqqayah and Umm Kulthum (ra).
Please share this and raise awareness about the true beauty of Islam and not the version some men would have you believe. We need to defend our deen and our sisters!

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