Friday, 11 March 2016

Gaza Fundraiser

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله وبركاته dearest sisters no cooking for the week-end, plz bring in ur familys and support us at truro hall on saturday frm 9-3 InshaAllah... THE DURBAN MUSLIMAH GROUP & CII projects invites u to plz support the GAZA floods....Herewith menu .....ߍҰߍ̰ߍްߧ0ߍ԰ߍ߰ߌ͕ߍݰߍԇaza fund Raising This Saturday
@ Truro Hall

What's on the Menu ߍܰߍᰟͰߍ銊Food
ߔꂵtter chicken R40
ߔꃨowmein R35
ߔ꠳ types of pasta R35
ߔꓰuds R25
ߔꃨicken Biryani R40
ߔꃨicken burgers R40
ߔꈡji Ali sandwiches R35
ߔꂡnting sandwiches R40

Health Bar

Salads individually prices from R25
ߔꃲunchy almond salad
ߔꭡngo salad
ߔ꣨ickpea salad
ߔꣲunchy noodle

ߔꩮdividual mezze platters R40
ߔꨵmus R30
ߔꦲuit sticks R10

Candy Bar
ߔꃯlored popcorn-R20
ߔꃡramel popcorn-R20
ߔꃡndy floss R10
ߔꃡndy apple R15
ߔꎯugat R5 each
ߔꁬmond Rocca R5 ߔꍡrshmallows 6 for R20

Savouries R5-R25

ߔ곴eak buns R10
ߔ꣨icken subs R8
ߔꂡjias 3 for R10
ߔꖥdas 3 for R10
ߔꂡgels R10
ߔꈯt dogs R10
ߔꋡman Dokla 2 for R10
ߔꓡmoosa R5
ߔꐵri patha R5
ߔꅣlair pies 2 for R15
ߔꉮdian street snack (sev puri) R20 for 4

ߔꃯee R5
ߔꗡter R5
ߔꔥa R10
ߔ꣡ppuccino R15
ߔ갩nk lemonade R15
ߔ곴rawberry daiquiri R15
ߔꭩlkshakes R25


ߔ귡cky waffles R20
ߔꃨurros R35
ߔꄯughnuts R10

Cakes and Biscuits-individually Priced from R5. For more info plz contact sister shaheda 0723786204 (co ordinator)

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