Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Mufthi Menk

Many marriages break due to mismanagement of time. Wasting time with friends till late at night is wrong.
Wasting time on your mobile device or internet surfing or chatting with others whilst your spouse or family members await you, is wrong.

Many social networking sites are very addictive, with people interacting at times with those they do not know or who do not mean as much as their immediate families.

The urge to keep refreshing social applications, checking on messages or remaining online waiting for people to appear is a disease that overtakes some.

Failure to realize that your friends are "second class" and rank only after your spouse and children can be classed as immaturity.

Not spending quality time with one's spouse & children can have the most disastrous effects within our homes.

Be self-disciplined and learn to prioritize correctly in life and you will find problems minimize or even disappear by the Help of the Almighty

by Mufthi Menk

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