Thursday, 7 April 2016


Dua is an amazing exchange.
  U hand over ur worries
       to اللّه  Subhana Ta'ala
& He Hands over His blessings
         to u!

Call unto اللّه  Subhana Ta'ala using His 99 Names.
Call unto Him using His beautiful name; Al Fattah- The Opener.

When things are too difficult or seem impossible,
when u feel as though all doors are closed..
when u see no way out of ur predicament..
when u have no options ..
When u're venturing out into the scary
 Then definitely اللّه  Subhana Ta'ala is inviting u to know Him by His beautiful Name;
    Al Fattah- The One who Opens doors for u, doors u think are impossible to open or doors that u never thought existed,

And when اللّه  Subhana Ta'ala sends u a solution, He gives u that which exceeds ur expectations.

When Hajar (Alayhis salaam)was running between Safa & Marwa, all she hoped for was some nourishment for her baby, or to see people who could help.
And she didn’t give up, she went running back & forth 7 times. So اللّه  Subhana Ta'ala did not just give her nourishment for the day or week or month – He gave her the well of zamzam which quenched baby Ismail (Alayhis salaam's) thirst & which satiates billions of Muslims right until today. Zamzam brought people to settle in the area that was barren dessert & this was where the Ka’aba Sharief was built.
 That is an opening from Allah Ta'ala ! AL FATTAH- THE ONLY OPENER!

Turn to Him before turning to anyone else..He holds the master key for all ur closed doors! Sometimes we make du'a for a door of duniya .when it doesn't open we cry not realising that اللّـه has instead Opened a door of Jannah for us".

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