Sunday, 3 April 2016

Pleasing people

(الإمامُ الشّافعي)

I laughed and they said "can't you be modest"
I cried and they said "why don't you smile?"

I smiled and they said "he's a show off"
I frowned and they said "i started showing my true colors"

I was silent and they said i had a feeble tongue
When i spoke they said i was too talkative

When i was tolerant they called it cowardice
And said, had I been brave, i would have taken a revenge

When i showed up some courage they said it was rash & reckless
And i wouldn't have behaved so if i were balanced.

When I said NO they considered me odd,
When i agreed with them, they called me a blind follower

So it became certain, that no matter how hard i try,
Pleasing People will bring nothing but criticism.

So don't care of people .only try to please Allah subhanaho wa taala.

Poem by imaam Ash Shafiee

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