Tuesday, 7 June 2016

1 night Quraan Khatam

TARAWEEH 1437 Alhamdilillah 1 NIGHT Quraan Khatam by Hfz Yusuf Jassat @ classroom Darul Uloom Azaadville. Started after Esha 7.50pm Completed at 5.15am before Sehri 1st Rakaat, 29 paras read one way Rakaat 2 - 20, recited para 30 Allah accept. Request for duas. Had to share this great miracle we have amongst us... Alhamdulillah we the community of Azaadville are blessed with an uncle : Hafez Yusuf Jassat. He is a hifz ustaadh here at the boys Darul Uloom. Donno if any of u have heard of him ? He is gifted by Allah Taala. For many yrs he's been doing this. On the first taraweeh he reads the ENTIRE QUR'AAN SHAREEF in taraweeh over one night !!! And ....he's 70 yrs old. Men come from many outside towns to witness this great gift of his. He stands the entire night. Doesn't move an inch /wriggle at all ! Last night he read 29 paras in 1 rakaat, 8.5 hrs. Started 7.45pm till 4.15 am And then he read Amma para over the remaining 19 rakaats. AND : ONLY 4 MISTAKES in the entire khatm !!!!! May Allah accept from Hafez Saheb and from all those who follow him year in year out (couple hundred people).

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